Tips To Get The Best Prices On Hotel Deals

While there are a lot of hotels in Miraflores offering an exceptional facility for stay, cost is always a factor to figure out in searching for the best hotel. While most often you need to pay a good price for the required facilities and comforts, often you might end up paying much more than what you get in return. Hence it is important that you learn the tips to find attractive prices on Hotel deal Miraflores. Here are a few proven tips to get you through the best prices on hotel booking.

Prefer business hotels
Hospitality industry experts say it is always a smart decision to work with business hotels. These facilities always like to allure their customers by offering great deals. Since business might be on the reverse track during summer months and weekends in the hotels that primarily target business travellers, you are most likely to find the lowest prices on these days.

Go for a corner room
Usually most corner rooms give more footage for the same price you pay. At the same time, when you wish to get upgraded for a corner room, you must use your discretion to avoid asking during times when there are other guests waiting for assistance since this might create an embarrassing situation for the booking personnel or would irritate them during a hectic time.

Check in during the fag end of the day
When you wish to find some upgrade, the right answer would be to check in towards the end of the day. Since the hotels would have gained a fair sense of the status of occupancy by that time, they will be in a better position to offer you the upgrade that might be still available.

Call the hotel directly for booking
Though you can book through the dedicated reservation numbers, it is always good to call the hotels directly. This is because often the people who are directly working at the facility have greater capability to make the upgrades when it is possible. Also, if you are a frequent traveller, maintain a friendly relationship with the staff in order to book directly and increase your chances of getting some perks.

Bundle up hotel and flight bookings
Many hotel booking offers come cheaper when you club together flight and hotel booking together. This approach will help you save both on hotels and flights.

Register with hotel’s loyalty programs
The surest way to land on free upgrades is to sign up for a loyalty program offered by a hotel. Some loyalty programs come with better rates for guests, free Wi-Fi on every trip and also access to some exclusive events and facilities. Some programs also give free nights or some freebies with bookings. You can also opt for a loyalty program through a booking site.

Sign up to receive alerts on price drops
If you find it tough to keep a close watch on the prices, you can sign up for receiving alerts on your mobile regarding price drops from time to time. Instead of flooding your inbox, these sites will alert you only when the prices drop by a particular percentage.


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